The FormulaCalculator is now open source

I decided last nigt to make the source code of the FormulaCalculator open. It has not been much time for further development of this consept. It can be that I am doing more development in the future. If anyone wish to use thos for something, it is just to download and compile for yourself. I believe this can be used in two ways:

  1. For those who wish to include more formulas into the calculator as standard formulas to ease common tasks.
  2. For those who wish to use part of it in another project. It is a full.blown evaluation engine in it designed as its own class. It can to example be used to evaluate user input in other programs, makes the user able to enter formulas where numbers otherwise is only accepted. In a order management program, let the user enter price as a formula to calculate the price. net price * 1.7 to example. 🙂

If you wish to use it, just download and go ahead. The project can be found on:  

Why do programmers work at night?


I read in the article “why programmers work at night” in Business insider. They point out a series of moments, amongst the effect interruptions have when they occur in the middle of some programming work.

One work with a complex system, and built the whole thing up in the mind. To use my own word: One is using the whole room. The system you work on has a complex structure of dependencies and functionalities. When one got interrupted, everything fell together.

I usually does not work at night. Thats because I have discovered one thing. “It’s your own attitude toward being distracted in work” that makes everything fell together. It has nothing to do with the distraction itself. A small distraction or interruption can be a welcome break from an intense work-session. To keep this mental structure, so one is able to continue work after the interruption is an ability that demand some training. Read the rest of this entry »

Building project CNC machine


I needed a CNC machine to build cabinets and do some wood-working. I also thought of using it to create prototypes of printed circuit boards. You can buy such machines ready assembled, but the price tag starts at 150.000 NOK. For an entrepreneur, this can be somewhat tough, so I decided to go ahead with work to make one on my own. It was an interesting piece of work. I had to learn a whole body of knowledge. Finally, I was able to test it in the end. There is a lot of materials about this on the net. Everything from documents that that for the different parts of this, walk through this in theory, but also more practical descriptions.

The big question that I never managed to agree with my self about is the size of the machine to produce. A big machine is more applicable than a little one. Since what I was going to use it for was many different things, it would be preferred to build a bit larger machine than the one I actually built. The disadvantage of a big machine is the price-tag and the complexity. I finally decided to build a machine with a work area of 30 x 40 cm. This would be fine for the first model. A decision had to be made. A bigger machine demands pretty much to get it robust enough. I though the experience I gained building this first model would be valuable for the next building project.

1. Christmas day 2012

I woke up this morning after christmas celebration yesterday, it is first christmas day today. The day passed relatively peacefully yesterday . Good food (Christmas ribs), and a little tipple besides at my wife’s mother and sister, and her two childrens home. It tasted very good!

Santa Claus had certainly been here just before I arrived, but reindeer sleigh with the 24 reindeer flashed off in the horizon … I think he had left something for me too … The only thing I got viewed of the phenomenon were some pictures on Heidi’s new digital camera. Really rugged Christmas Santa.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas, a spectacular New Year’s celebration and a happy new year. Now, we are going to drink some coffee here !

Early January 2013

photo credit: Swami Stream via photopin cc

photo credit: Swami Stream via photopin cc

We are early in January of the new year – 2013. Somehow, the last year’s number 2012 has grown-in. So the number 2013 feels a bit strange. It is a year that has not yet been made. It’s almost a little scary, a whole year, which is entirely devoted to the unknown. We expect what it contains, but no one knows for sure. The best we can do is try to build this year, making it as good as possible, for you, for all your loved ones, family, friends, our four-legged friends, the nature around us, even the universe, we pull it real. The important thing is to think of this in both the physical and spiritual terms.

How can we do this? – The most important thing is to do something that we as a human race have been really good at understanding. To try to understand oneself, others, and things happening around you. By doing so, in fact, will much of the other happen by itself.

When I think of the word understand, it’s a trap you can easily go in; Stealing others’ understanding, and thus believe that you understand. To understand on your own terms is gold. Understanding is a creative process. It must be done all the time; otherwise you stop understanding.

One might think that understanding is only about knowledge; Oh yeah – it has a lot to do with it. Understanding also has a few other elements in it: communication, observation, and so can understand more easily what you like.

Sometimes you have to adjust your knowledge. In the past, a long time ago it was believed that the earth was flat. A whole lot of people had gradually adjusted their knowledge in relation to this point. It did not go unnoticed. To adjust its knowledge can be heavy matter. Knowledge is like a building. The strange thing is that it is stable even though it is built on some knowledge that might be erroneous. If you pull this out, the whole building is falling apart and then throw you into a total confusion. Nevertheless, things that are not consistent with this foundation can be impossible to understand, so one might fall into the idea that certain things are simply impossible to understand.

Are things impossible to understand, you might not have all the information needed, or that some of the information you have is not entirely correct. As in the case with the earth as mentioned above – data that are accepted as correct need not be entirely correct. An important test of this is: Does it work? – If not, something must be wrong.

Yes, this was a little fantasy in the morning. Have a nice year everyone.


Day before christmas


Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Christmas spirit intrudes even though we have kept a somewhat low profile here at home. Many memories come up in these times of yesteryear where good food, a little stressed parents, discipline in order, and a little extra was some of the ingredients. There was much that should be ready before the evening began in earnest. It was always good. Even in all the stress and discipline in order, there was always room to unfold, only I kept rummaging in a confined space so that it was possible to round and clean when Christmas dinner was ready.

I’m pretty impressed with my parents how they behaved in the Christmas rush. Although there was much that was arranged, it was always a moody peace in the house. There was never any doubt that we, the kids were the priority in the battle. That we enjoyed was important for them.,

Christmas has somehow become a different holiday now that I’ve grown up. The peaceful atmosphere I always do appreciate. A little extra food is also the thing. Before, I used the time to make wicker baskets for the Christmas tree, decorations and such. The kinds of measures are many, many years since I’ve been doing. Now is the time replaced with some keyboard joy.

keyboard joy, interesting term, by the way. What does it mean for someone who spends much of his time in front of the computer anyway. Well, when you have time to do something that is not important, maybe with a little artistic element, the element of learning something new – where nobody expects anything other than yourself. Where one can sit and focus on getting into something new, with no signs of being some work. It is keyboard joy. I think some of those moments are important sometimes. In the hustle and bustle, it is all too easy just to have time for what’s important. The things that come further down the importance scale are often postponed over and over again. To Catch up with some of the less priority does so well.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

I wish all my friends a really happy new-years event and a happy new year.


Yes, then greeting conveyed. In the past, we sent usual snail-mail Christmas cards and New Year cards. After Facebook and some other actors has come into existence, this activity has probably toned down a bit. Of course, it’s fun both to make and send handwritten Christmas cards. Social media has somehow made ​​that many people are much “closer” even though the distance can be quite large. I mean, in the past, so you might not sent Christmas cards to your neighbor when you meet him/her maybe once or several times a day, on the way to store, the mailbox, or on other occasions. Now one meets people daily via social media instead. A little “chat” with great Christmas, and answer “Thanks the same”, so it sort of made.

One can publish photos taken with a digital camera just seconds before sending it. People commenting and discussing – it’s a completely different world. Before, you had to pay for additional copies of photos, and it was quite expensive – if you want to send someone a photo of “Christmas dinner is served” or “the new shorts to Uncle Harry” as he got for Christmas.

Some of the news now – is an application called “snapchat” – an application for mobile phone, where you can send someone a picture that self-destruct within a few seconds after it is shown. That way, the sender will be sure that the image can not be miss used. It must be nice for party pictures and such where images should show a mood, but that one Maybe not want the pictures published in public. I have not downloaded this app though – but I might get to do it once when “I am in the right corner,” as my mother used to say.

Anyway, this is a blog-New Year greeting. Presented at the new my blog – you can even get a free blog too, such as this, it’s just to sign up. Go to and click “register” in the top corner. 🙂

Christmas idyllic in the winter


It’s Christmas, and 2013 is fast approaching – it’s plenty to keep you entertained, and your mind wanders easily over it, but at the same time, I think that now it is still 2012 – and everything that has to be done in 2013 will be made then. The time goes fast enough. I think it’s important to take care of the present. Now, most people are off duty – and the possibility to disconnect a little now between the weekends. Puzzle with things that they want to, or are interested. There are some things I think are part of the Christmas idyll. Knowing that 2013 is almost here, with lots to do, and know that you do not need to think about now. Well to think it’s good to have a plan, have the major lines drawn up, but you need not delve into the details. That makes you feel a bit stressed. Instead, one can let the peace overshadow one, and think – now it’s Christmas

So I’ve been thinking this Christmas, and paradoxically enough, I have done a lot more than I otherwise would have done. I guess I’m a little inclined to think that all this stress one otherwise is doing seems more destructive than productive. It does not sound completely wrong, does it?

Welcome to humle-blog

Copied from the old blog: December 2011

Hello, Now its finally 2012 – January, and the new-year celebration is over. It is time to throw out the Christmas three for those who have one. Personally, I haven’t gotten any this year, but we where going to attend the celebration outside our home. Then it was not actually any need for one. Our daughter, Lise Marie is probably a bit young yet to have any relations to a Christmas three. Maybe next year.

I think the times awfully fast nowadays. It isn’t long since we celebrated last year. The years go on with an express speed. When I was younger, a whole year was a long time. A year in the army felt terrible. Now the same amount of time isn’t more than a long picnic. 🙂

It has to be some parameters I have overlooked. One speak about recognising time, and I have noticed that when something is fun, the times runs away really fast. Even if, that is OK, I cant rally tell that it has been so fun all the time. What is it then that do influence this? Well, I am almost 50 years, – an old man if we could think as we did in the teen ages, but anyway a nice age in my opinion.

Finally, I will use the opportunity to wish all a really happy new year this 2012. I hope everyone gets a really nice year, without finance crisis and terror actions, but to flourish and prosper, low unemployment rate, nice work relationship and at home. 🙂