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The FormulaCalculator is now open source

I decided last nigt to make the source code of the FormulaCalculator open. It has not been much time for further development of this consept. It can be that I am doing more development in the future. If anyone wish to use thos for something, it is just to download and compile for yourself. I […]

Why do programmers work at night?

I read in the article “why programmers work at night” in Business insider. They point out a series of moments, amongst the effect interruptions have when they occur in the middle of some programming work. One work with a complex system, and built the whole thing up in the mind. To use my own word: One […]

Building project CNC machine

I needed a CNC machine to build cabinets and do some wood-working. I also thought of using it to create prototypes of printed circuit boards. You can buy such machines ready assembled, but the price tag starts at 150.000 NOK. For an entrepreneur, this can be somewhat tough, so I decided to go ahead with […]

1. Christmas day 2012

I woke up this morning after christmas celebration yesterday, it is first christmas day today. The day passed relatively peacefully yesterday . Good food (Christmas ribs), and a little tipple besides at my wife’s mother and sister, and her two childrens home. It tasted very good! Santa Claus had certainly been here just before I […]

Early January 2013

We are early in January of the new year – 2013. Somehow, the last year’s number 2012 has grown-in. So the number 2013 feels a bit strange. It is a year that has not yet been made. It’s almost a little scary, a whole year, which is entirely devoted to the unknown. We expect what […]

Day before christmas

Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Christmas spirit intrudes even though we have kept a somewhat low profile here at home. Many memories come up in these times of yesteryear where good food, a little stressed parents, discipline in order, and a little extra was some of the ingredients. There was much that should be ready […]

I wish all my friends a really happy new-years event and a happy new year.

Yes, then greeting conveyed. In the past, we sent usual snail-mail Christmas cards and New Year cards. After Facebook and some other actors has come into existence, this activity has probably toned down a bit. Of course, it’s fun both to make and send handwritten Christmas cards. Social media has somehow made ​​that many people […]

Christmas idyllic in the winter

It’s Christmas, and 2013 is fast approaching – it’s plenty to keep you entertained, and your mind wanders easily over it, but at the same time, I think that now it is still 2012 – and everything that has to be done in 2013 will be made then. The time goes fast enough. I think […]

Welcome to humle-blog

Copied from the old blog: December 2011 Hello, Now its finally 2012 – January, and the new-year celebration is over. It is time to throw out the Christmas three for those who have one. Personally, I haven’t gotten any this year, but we where going to attend the celebration outside our home. Then it was […]