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1. Christmas day 2012

I woke up this morning after christmas celebration yesterday, it is first christmas day today. The day passed relatively peacefully yesterday . Good food (Christmas ribs), and a little tipple besides at my wife’s mother and sister, and her two childrens home. It tasted very good!

Santa Claus had certainly been here just before I arrived, but reindeer sleigh with the 24 reindeer flashed off in the horizon … I think he had left something for me too … The only thing I got viewed of the phenomenon were some pictures on Heidi’s new digital camera. Really rugged Christmas Santa.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas, a spectacular New Year’s celebration and a happy new year. Now, we are going to drink some coffee here !

Early January 2013

photo credit: Swami Stream via photopin cc

photo credit: Swami Stream via photopin cc

We are early in January of the new year – 2013. Somehow, the last year’s number 2012 has grown-in. So the number 2013 feels a bit strange. It is a year that has not yet been made. It’s almost a little scary, a whole year, which is entirely devoted to the unknown. We expect what it contains, but no one knows for sure. The best we can do is try to build this year, making it as good as possible, for you, for all your loved ones, family, friends, our four-legged friends, the nature around us, even the universe, we pull it real. The important thing is to think of this in both the physical and spiritual terms.

How can we do this? – The most important thing is to do something that we as a human race have been really good at understanding. To try to understand oneself, others, and things happening around you. By doing so, in fact, will much of the other happen by itself.

When I think of the word understand, it’s a trap you can easily go in; Stealing others’ understanding, and thus believe that you understand. To understand on your own terms is gold. Understanding is a creative process. It must be done all the time; otherwise you stop understanding.

One might think that understanding is only about knowledge; Oh yeah – it has a lot to do with it. Understanding also has a few other elements in it: communication, observation, and so can understand more easily what you like.

Sometimes you have to adjust your knowledge. In the past, a long time ago it was believed that the earth was flat. A whole lot of people had gradually adjusted their knowledge in relation to this point. It did not go unnoticed. To adjust its knowledge can be heavy matter. Knowledge is like a building. The strange thing is that it is stable even though it is built on some knowledge that might be erroneous. If you pull this out, the whole building is falling apart and then throw you into a total confusion. Nevertheless, things that are not consistent with this foundation can be impossible to understand, so one might fall into the idea that certain things are simply impossible to understand.

Are things impossible to understand, you might not have all the information needed, or that some of the information you have is not entirely correct. As in the case with the earth as mentioned above – data that are accepted as correct need not be entirely correct. An important test of this is: Does it work? – If not, something must be wrong.

Yes, this was a little fantasy in the morning. Have a nice year everyone.