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Building project CNC machine


I needed a CNC machine to build cabinets and do some wood-working. I also thought of using it to create prototypes of printed circuit boards. You can buy such machines ready assembled, but the price tag starts at 150.000 NOK. For an entrepreneur, this can be somewhat tough, so I decided to go ahead with work to make one on my own. It was an interesting piece of work. I had to learn a whole body of knowledge. Finally, I was able to test it in the end. There is a lot of materials about this on the net. Everything from documents that that for the different parts of this, walk through this in theory, but also more practical descriptions.

The big question that I never managed to agree with my self about is the size of the machine to produce. A big machine is more applicable than a little one. Since what I was going to use it for was many different things, it would be preferred to build a bit larger machine than the one I actually built. The disadvantage of a big machine is the price-tag and the complexity. I finally decided to build a machine with a work area of 30 x 40 cm. This would be fine for the first model. A decision had to be made. A bigger machine demands pretty much to get it robust enough. I though the experience I gained building this first model would be valuable for the next building project.