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Why do programmers work at night?


I read in the article “why programmers work at night” in Business insider. They point out a series of moments, amongst the effect interruptions have when they occur in the middle of some programming work.

One work with a complex system, and built the whole thing up in the mind. To use my own word: One is using the whole room. The system you work on has a complex structure of dependencies and functionalities. When one got interrupted, everything fell together.

I usually does not work at night. Thats because I have discovered one thing. “It’s your own attitude toward being distracted in work” that makes everything fell together. It has nothing to do with the distraction itself. A small distraction or interruption can be a welcome break from an intense work-session. To keep this mental structure, so one is able to continue work after the interruption is an ability that demand some training. Read the rest of this entry »